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My  name is Elisa Benavides, I am Venezuelan of Spanish origin and my interest in Astrology started when  I was very young.

Uranus in my chart impelled me to get interested in both Computer Science and Astrology and therefore, I studied both subjects.  I spent 10 years working in the networking and managed services areas while I continued my astrological studies. I finally decided to focus on astrological consultancy, as I can develop myself while helping other people.


I graduated  from the Venezuelan Centre of Astrological Encounters (Centro de Encuentros Astrológicos Venezolano CEAV) – April 2000 and I use Astrology as a personal development tool. I am specially interested in Feng Shui, which I am studying on my own and through seminars (Feng Shui Cultural Centre). I also practice Yoga and Meditation, as they are wonderful tools to align the different levels of our beings.


Gemstones have always fascinated me. I initially wore those associated to my astral configuration and then I started using tumbled stones to balance my chakras along with visualization. The more I learned about the healing properties of the gemstones and the relationship between signs/planets/chakras/gems, the more I wanted to integrate all in an appealing format to help people balance their energies. Jewellery is a wonderful way to accomplish this, as gemstones can be in direct contact with the skin while you wear a necklace or a bracelet. Therefore, I have started designing and making jewelry with a metaphysical approach.  


I currently live in Ottawa - Canada, but my activity as an astrologer is not limited to this city, as I do consultations by phone and through Internet with instant messaging tools; this allows the necessary interaction to provide a truly personalized attention (communication can be with text only or it can include both voice and video; this will depend on the Internet connection the person requesting a consultation has).


e-mail address:
Phone: +1 (613) 440-3336



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