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Two basic birth chart rectifications + Synastry

CAD $135.00

Product Information

This consultation includes:
* Two basic birth chart rectifications: this type of rectification applies if the birth time is known or the uncertainty about it does not extend beyond 30 minutes.
* Synastry interpretation for two people: a comparative study of two birth charts which is focused on the relationship dynamics.

Please note the following:
** If the birth time is unknown or the uncertainty about it extends beyond 30 minutes, then an extended rectification will be required; please contact me if you need this type of rectification (
** A synastry interpretation is the synthesis of the energies involved in the reciprocal relationship of two people, not including the interpretation of their individual birth charts.
** It is important to note that collaboration of the two people involved in the relationship is necessary to do the synastry, because their involvement is needed for the rectification and because their consent to do this kind of interpretation is required. Consequently, if one person wants to ask for a synastry, but the other person involved in the relationship does not  cooperate to rectify the birth chart or does not give his/her consent to do the synastry, another consultations are recommended, such as a birth chart interpretation focused on the type of relationship that applies to the case or a single consultation. Contact me if this is your case (

You can find more information about my Synastry consultations at

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