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Rainbow Fluorite Pisces Bracelet - Silver-filled/Silver-plated

CAD $39.00

Product Information

The Pisces symbol is combined with rainbow fluorites in this bracelet made with both silver-plated and silver-filled components. Custom sizing is available for bracelets so they can be comfortable to wear, let me know the size of your wrist (visit "Ordering and Shipping information" at the bottom of this page).

Pisces is the twelfth astrological sign in the Zodiac and rainbow fluorite is one of Pisces gemstones. If your Sun sign or your Rising sign is Pisces, you may feel attracted by rainbow fluorite and you will benefit from its energy (this can also happen if you have various planetary points in Pisces or a dominant planet in that sign).

Rainbow fluorite is said to emphasize Pisces’ natural intuition by facilitating access to the higher mind, while it dissipates the fog that sometimes confuses Pisces. In addition, rainbow fluorite helps keep a clear and balanced perspective by regulating Pisces’ innate hypersensitivity.

Product Code: BPI-001SP


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