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Squares of Earth Bracelet

CAD $54.00

Product Information

Earth as an element of nature sustains energy through soil’s abundance and receptive stability; this is why Earth’s symbol in different cultures is the square and its colours are green as well as brown.

The Square of Earth bracelet combines squares with green “opals”, where the small inner circles within the squares symbolize the seeds descending into the Earth. The bracelet’s clasp is adorned with leaves, as they represent the element Earth as part of a plant.

Green “opal” is a gemstone of Earth that brings stability and practical sense by promoting the continuation of initiatives until they produce a concrete result. Green “opal” is in fact a type of chalcedony with green and brown hues.

You may feel drawn to the pieces of the Earth Jewelry Collection if you have a lot of Earth in your birth chart and they will certainly help you to reflect your nature without becoming too attached to the tangible. However, jewelry in the Earth Collection will also be ideal for people lacking Earth in their birth configurations, especially when they need perseverance, practical sense and contemplation.

The Squares of Earth bracelet combines green “opals, 1/10 silver-filled and silver-plated; it fits a 7 1/2-inch wrist but it can be adjusted to a slightly smaller or larger size.


Product Code: BTR-001SFP


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